Silvera Group

Harvard University Department of Physics


Group Members (L to R): (standing): Isaac Silvera, Albert Einstein, Mohamed Zaghoo, Luke Burkhart, Tyler Matheson, Sebastian Jesowski (seated): Ashkan Salamat, Armine Pourshafeie, Rodrigo Huertas


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Led by Prof. Isaac F. Silvera, The Silvera Group is part of the Department of Physics at Harvard University. Some notable historic discoveries at high pressure include the discovery of megabar pressure phases in solid hydrogen and its isotopes, the metalization of xenon at megabar pressures, the metallization of hydrogen iodide, and highest pressures for NMR in a diamond anvil cell. In the study of low temperature quantum fluids, the stabilization and confinement of the first magnetic gas, spin-polarized hydrogen, started the experimental search for Bose-Einstein condensation. Current research focuses on the metallization of solid hydrogen and the stabilization of multi-electron bubbles in superfluid helium.